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Halor Tid could replace antibiotics in diet of weaning piglets

120 weaning piglets (30-35kg) were randomly divided into three groups according to the principle of similar body weight and gender.

Control group(C): basic diet with nosiheptide (5mg/kg), quinolone (50mg/kg), and chlortetracycline (75mg/kg);

Group 1(G1): basic diet with antibacterial peptide Y(from market) 500mg/kg;

Group 2(G2): basic diet with Halor Tid 500mg/kg.

The study was conducted in a farm in Hebei Province, China in September 2019.The management was carried out according to the regulations of the farm, and the trial period was 27 days.

The results showed that there was no significant difference (P > 0.05) in daily feed intake(C,G1,G2:1384, 1449, 1417g/d) daily BW gain(C,G1,G2:723, 681, 701g/d)  and FCR((C,G1,G2:1384, 1.97, 2.14,2.03) in different groups, which indicated that Halor Tid could replace antibiotics and gained well growth performance of weaned piglets.


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