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VIV ASIA 2019 exhibition period from March 13-15, the overall exhibition area of this exhibition increased by 30% compared with the previous session, and the net exhibition area reached 30,000 square meters. 1,250 well-known companies from more than 120 countries. The show presented a complete event from feed to food which greatly satisfied expectations. 

During the three-day VIV exhibition, there was an endless stream of domestic and foreign visitors. Enhalor booth was full of people. The non-resistant, green and environmentally friendly new feed additive product "yeast culture" attracted South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines Customers from India, Pakistan, Russia, the United States, Egypt, Taiwan and other countries came to discuss cooperation. Through the introduction of the business manager system, it fully demonstrated the advantages of Enhalor's products and was widely recognized by new and old customers at home and abroad.


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