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Enhalor yeast culture helps|The first China animal husbandry and biological industry development conference was grandly held

On July 21, 2021, the first China animal husbandry and biological industry development conference was grandly held in Beijing. The theme of the conference was "precise service of biological industry - cost control and biosafety".


At present, China's feed breeding is facing severe challenges such as prohibition and resistance, epidemic situation and sharp rise in raw material prices, which has brought huge cost pressure to the industry and had an adverse impact on the stable development of animal husbandry.

To break through the current dilemma, only by vigorously promoting biotechnology innovation, expanding the scale of biological industry and the promotion and application of high-tech biological products, can we solve the fundamental problem of animal husbandry production from prohibition to non resistance, from non plague normalization to controllable epidemic situation, and from high cost to high-quality and efficient production.


Dr. Wang Hong of Enhalor, together with relevant industry leaders, experts and enterprise technical directors attending the meeting, exchanged and explored the hot spots of technological innovation in the key field of biological industry and the key issues of scientific and efficient service for animal husbandry production, shared the achievements of Enhalor R&D and innovation, and promoted the technological innovation of biological industry The ability and level of product manufacturing and service promotion and application have reached a new height.


Dr. Wang Hong reported that at present, yeast cultures are widely used in ruminants, pigs, birds, aquatic animals, special animals and pets. Its benefits to animals can be summarized into four aspects.

First, regulate the balance of intestinal flora, promote the appreciation of probiotics and reduce stress.

Second, improve the immunity and antioxidant capacity of animals and enhance their resistance.

Third, promote the digestion of nutrients in feed, improve production performance, and improve the quality of livestock products.

Fourth, improve the palatability of feed and increase feed intake.


Dr. Wang Hong also pointed out:

The value of yeast culture to customers:

The input-output ratio of yeast culture varies from 1:3 to 1:9 according to the difference of animal varieties and animal product prices.

The value of yeast culture to the industry:

Yeast culture, as a kind of biological feed raw material, its R & D, production and use can drive the development and progress of biological feed, so as to truly realize healthy breeding.

Dr. Wang Hong finally stressed that Enhalor continued to focus on micro ecological technology to achieve the best quality of yeast culture and yeast peptides. Let more feed enterprises use Imp's yeast products, and more breeding animals eat Imp's yeast products, so as to promote healthy breeding!!!



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