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[Industry events] In November | Enhalor invites you to share the events

In November, two high-end international livestock exhibitions, the 2023 Middle East ABU Dhabi International Intensive Livestock Exhibition (VIV MEA2023) and the 2023 Bangladesh International Livestock and Feed and Veterinary Medicine Exhibition (AHCAB), will be held successively. During the period, three of the most influential elite conferences in the industry gathered together - the 14th World Chinese Academic Seminar on Fish and Shrimp Nutrition, the second International Animal Dietitian Conference and the 2023 Sino-Germany Animal Husbandry Summit Forum.

Enhalor elite team is ready to go, we look forward to your visit!


On November 20-22, the 2023 Middle East ABU Dhabi International Intensive Livestock Exhibition (VIV MEA2023) will be held in ABU Dhabi International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition is held every two years, and it is also an unprecedented livestock event within the scope of the Middle East livestock industry. It is a powerful bridge to promote the development of the global intensive livestock industry. It is also a good time for in-depth exchanges between people in the industry.

At this conference, Enhalor will welcome you at Hall 9 stand 09.S066, where we will bring our innovative products to share and win with you.

VIV MEA 2023 will once again ignite the passion of livestock farmers around the world, here is everything you want to know, let's meet in ABU Dhabi on November 20th.

2023 Bangladesh International Animal Husbandry and Feed, Veterinary Medicine Exhibition (AHCAB)

From November 30 to December 2, the 2023 Bangladesh International Livestock and Feed and Veterinary Medicine Exhibition (AHCAB) will be held in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The exhibition, organized by the Bangladesh Animal Health Association, has a high impact on animal nutrition and health, feed additives and other aspects. The exhibition will open four pavilions to attract well-known exhibitors from dozens of countries and regions such as the United States, Belgium, South Korea, the Netherlands, China, Turkey and India. The exhibition has a strong local influence and appeal in Bangladesh, creates a platform for global companies engaged in the poultry industry.

Enhalor will appear again atbooth 119-121, let's meet in Dhaka on November 30!

The 14th World Chinese Symposium on Fish and Shrimp Nutrition

Sponsored by the Academic Committee of the World Chinese Symposium on Fish and Shrimp Nutrition and hosted by Guangdong Ocean University, the 14th World Chinese Symposium on Fish and Shrimp Nutrition (hereinafter referred to as "World Chinese Congress") will be held in Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province from November 6 to 10, 2023.

As the largest event in the global Chinese aquatic animal nutrition and feed industry, the World Chinese Congress has played a very important role in guiding and promoting the development of China's aquatic animal nutrition discipline and aquatic feed industry, and is an important exchange platform to display the current global aquatic nutrition and feed research results. It has become one of the largest, highest level and most influential comprehensive events in the global aquatic feed industry, and has been widely concerned, fully recognized and highly appraised by the academic and business circles.

Enhalor invites you to share the event, we will see you in Zhanjiang!

2nd International Congress of Animal Dietitians

On November 24-25, 2023, the Feed industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance launched the second International Animal Dietitian Conference with the theme of "Nutrition Control Technology of high-quality livestock and poultry products", aiming to gather leaders, experts and elites in the domestic and foreign livestock and feed industry chain, build a high-level communication platform, and gather the global livestock and feed industry chain. Enable the transformation and upgrading of China's livestock and poultry products and feed industry and high-quality development.

Enhalor invites you to attend,  we will see you in Beijing.

2023 China-Germany Animal Husbandry Summit Forum

The China-Germany Livestock Summit will be held inBeijing on November 25-27, 2023, the most international livestock forum of the year, focusing on the green and circular development of the pig and cattle industries, with the aim of promoting cooperation and development between China and Germany in modern production management and innovative technologies in the livestock industry.

The forum brought together German livestock enterprises from the whole industry chain, such as genetic breeding, herd management, breeding and processing, as well as Chinese pig industry, cattle industry, livestock and poultry waste treatment equipment manufacturers, and EU agricultural experts to jointly explore solutions to improve the production capacity and resource efficiency of livestock breeding and breeding industry chain, and promote China-Germany agricultural cooperation.

Dr. Wang Fen, Vice President of Enhalor Research Institute, will be invited to make a presentation. We look forward to your visit.



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