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Halor Tid could effectively improve feed digestibility and egg quality of laying hens

Yang Zhe is a layer breeder from Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, with 20000 Hailan brown layers. In recent , he found that the water content in the excrement of layers was too high, and there were more undigested corn grains. Obviously, there were some problems in the digestive system of layers, leading to a low feed digestibility.

6000 layers of 180 days old were tested to fed with Halor Tid 1 kg / T for 4 days. It was observed that the excrement of laying hens were obviously dried and the corn granules were significantly reduced, which indicated that the addition of Halor Tid in the diet of laying hens significantly improved the digestive system of laying hens and the digestibility of feed.

 Chen mengqiang is a layer breeder from Baoding City, Hebei Province, with 50000 Hailan grey layers. Recently, he collected eggs with white shell and rough surface, which indicated that there were some problems in the oviduct of layers.

7000 Heilan grey layers of 500 days old were selected to drink Halor Tid 500g / day in water for 4 days. Then eggs were observed again. The color of the shell became darker, and the surface of the shell became smooth.

The above empirical results show that Halor Tid can prevent and treat layer’diarrhea, improve fecal properties, improve egg quality.



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