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Enhalor Timeline

From a small grain trade to a global presence, the strides we've made involve many markets, countries, people and businesses. Even so, we believe our best chapter is yet to come.

  • 2000 Originally from the Feed Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

  • 2001 Developed Halor C
    (Coated VC)

  • 2002 Developed Aner C
    ( PhosphataseVC)

  • 2003 1stadvanced aqua feed formulation training

  • 2004 The Beijing plant was put into use.

  • 2005 Abroad customers visited the plant.

  • 2006 International business started up.

  • 2007 Introduced lean production system from abroad

  • 2008 Tracing and coding management system

  • 2009 Set up ERP System

  • 2010 Develop yeast culture products

  • 2011 The American market promotion

  • 2012 The European market promotion

  • 2013 The South East market promotion

  • 2014 The Middle East market promotion

  • 2015 Enhalor Institute of Biotechnology

  • 2016 The African market promotion

  • 2017 Enhalor speaker at GMP+ international 25th anniversary

  • 2018 The visit of Indonesian president to Enhalor booth in in Indonesia Livestock Exhibition

  • 2019 Yeast peptide entered India market

  • 2020 The 20th anniversary, and Enhalor presenced in IPPE in the USA


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Plant Address:No.5, 5th Planning Street, Huoxian Village South, Huoxian Town, Tongzhou District, Beijing

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