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[Enhalor was invited to EuroTier 2024 Media meet] The world's top livestock event | Hannover International Livestock Show in Germany

On the afternoon of April 19, 2024, a high-profile media meeting - the EuroTier Hannover International Livestock Fair media meeting was successfully held in Beijing. Organized by the German Agricultural Association (DLG), the meeting brought together industry associations, mainstream media and some exhibitors to discuss innovation and development in the livestock industry and look forward to future cooperation in the international livestock industry.


At the meeting, representatives shared their rich experience and unique insights in the animal husbandry field. DLG, as the host, presented in detail the historical background, scale impact and future trends of the EuroTier Hannover International Livestock Show. As the largest livestock exhibition in Europe, EuroTier has become an important platform for global livestock exchanges and cooperation.


As one of the invited units, our International Division Li Li shared the latest research results of Enhalor's innovative products in animal nutrition field and health and the global market application. She noted that with the increasing requirements for production efficiency and animal health in the global livestock industry, Enhalor's innovative products have won the trust and favor of many customers with their excellent performance and consistent quality. Enhalor products not only improved the production performance of animals, but also reduce the cost of feeding, reduce environmental pollution, and make a positive contribution to the sustainable development of the global livestock industry.

At the same time, representatives of mainstream media also had in-depth exchanges on issues such as sustainable development of animal husbandry and environmental protection. Everyone agreed that the development of animal husbandry should pay more attention to ecological and environmental protection, achieve green development and circular development, and contribute to the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind.


This meeting not only provided a platform for communication, but also warm-up for the upcoming EuroTier Hannover International Livestock Show. The participants said that they look forward to seeing more innovative products and technologies at the upcoming exhibition to jointly promote the prosperity and development of international animal husbandry.


In today's rapid development of the global livestock industry, the importance of innovative technologies and products is self-evident. Enhalor will continue to be committed to research and development and innovation in the animal nutrition and health field , to provide more efficient, safe and environmentally friendly solutions for the global livestock industry, and to promote the prosperity and progress of the livestock industry.

Enhalor, as a regular visitor to EuroTier, in addition to showcasing its star products yeast culture and bioimmunoactive peptides (yeast peptide and surfactin), the new emulsifier product "Esurfier" biosurfactant peptide will be showcasing at the Hannover International Livestock Fair in Germany. We invite you to visit us on November 12-15, 2024. Enhalor meets you in Germany!



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