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The 7th International Feed Processing and Quality Control Technology Symposium


October 12-14th, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

Dear academic and business colleagues:

The "7th International Symposium Feed Processing Technology " (ISFPT) hosted by Institute of Feed Research, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and undertaken by Beijing Enhalor Biotech Co., Ltd. will be held simultaneously with the aquatic frontier Exhibition (Nanjing) on October 12-14, 2022. Since 2016, the Symposium has been successfully held for six times in Beijing (2016), Yangzhou (2017), Tianjin (2018), Zhuhai (2019), Nanjing (2020) and Shenzhen (2021). Today, the symposium has become the largest scale and the most influential international event in China.

In 2022, Feed Processing Team of Institute of Feed Research, CAAS was officially renamed as Feed Processing and Quality Control Lab, Institute of Feed Research, CAAS. Adhering to the spirit of continuous innovation and keeping pace with the times of the " ISFPT ", this meeting was renamed the " The 7th International Feed Processing and Quality Control Technology Symposium ".

 In 2021, the Chinese government promises to peak carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and strives to achieve carbon neutralization by 2060. Carbon neutrality involves a comprehensive transformation in industrial production, lifestyle, economic and social development. Science, technology and innovation can play important roles for the transition. How to achieve green and low-carbon development in the feed and aquaculture industry is not far away, but the current activities.

The theme of this symposium is "Green, low carbon, circular economy ", which will focus on recent research and development in digital, green and low-carbon feed production, and will setup a roadmap for the development of feed production technology. Meanwhile, the event will also promote the recent green and sustainable technologies from industrial innovations through a forum. In the forum, people from domestic and international raw material and equipment supplier, universities and research organizations will present their results in "low-carbon, negative carbon" raw materials, non-grain protein resources, additive development, soybean meal reduction and diversification of diet, unmanned factories, smart agriculture, aquaculture and many more.

The organizing committee of the symposium warmly welcomes your participation and warmly welcomes the sponsorship from you.


Advisory Committee


Prof. Dr. Kangsen Mai, Academician. (Ocean University of China)

Prof. Dr. Shouqi Xie, Secretary. (Institute of Hydrobiology, CAS)


Scientific and organizing committee

Prof. Dr. Min Xue (Institute of Feed Research, CAAS, Beijing, China)

Prof. Dr. Hongmin Dong (Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development in Agriculture, CAAS)

Prof. Dr. Hongyuan Cheng (Institute of Feed Research, CAAS; Technical University of Denmark)

Prof. Junguo Li (Institute of Feed Research, CAAS)

Mr. Zhengjun Chen (Executive President, FAMSUN Co,Ltd. China)

Mr. Lei Hou (Executive president, Blue OceanShenzhen) Technology Co., Limited, China

Dr. Zelin Ren (Chairman, Beijing Enhalor Biotech Co. Ltd, China)

Ms. Cellini TSE (Deputy Technical Director, STEM Solutions (Shanghai) Co. Ltd; Chairman Assistant, Charoen Pokphand Group)

Dr. Hao Wang (Institute of Feed Research, CAAS; Cottonseed Protein Resources Research Center)


Symposium time: October 12-14, 2022;

Symposium venue: International Youth Conference Hotel, address: No. 9, Jinsha West Street, Jianye District, Nanjing, Hotel Tel: 025-86538888


Organizer: Feed Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

 Beijing Enhalor Biotech Co., Ltd.


Strategic cooperation unitU.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC)


Support unit:

China Feed Industry Association

Feed Branch of Chinese Cereals and Oils Association


Platinum sponsors (Unordered ranking):

Famsun Group Co., Ltd.

Blue OceanShenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd.

STEM Solutions (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

XinJiang Jinlan Plant Protein Co., Ltd. (Cottenseed Protein R&D Center)

Golden sponsors (Unordered ranking):

Jiangsu Kerunde Intelligent Equipment Group Co., Ltd.

Kunming Yingzhihua Technology Co., Ltd.

Tongwei Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Nutriera Group

Shandong Asia-Pacific Organisms Science and Technoogy Co., Ltd.

Shandong Longchang Animal Health Product Co., Ltd.

Spirax Sarco Engineering (China) Ltd.

Waters China Limited

AB Sciex Pte. Ltd.

Beijing Modern Yanggong Machinery S&T Development Co. , Ltd.

Silver Sponsors (Unordered ranking):

Kemin AquaScience

Beijing Wan Fa Hao Nong Nutrition Technology Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Speed Machinery Co., Ltd.

Sponsor (Unordered ranking):

Yangzhou Baoda Plastic Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

Media and live broadcast platform support:

Journal of Fish-First




Ongoing recruitment…


Symposium and forum program




Symposium Program

13th October 2022


Prof./Dr. Min Xue, Feed Processing and Quality Control Lab, Institute of Feed Research, CAAS


Opening Ceremony



Academician, Prof/Dr. Kangsen Mai, Ocean University of China



Mr. Qingsheng Huang, Director, Division of Animal Feed and Forage


Sustainable technology by recycling of agricultural waste to produce medium-chain fatty acids and polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA)

Prof./Dr. Hongmin Dong, Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development in Agriculture, CAAS


Coffee and tea break



Sustainable soy production improves low-carbon, eco-friendly development of feed enterprise

Dr. Xiaoping Zhang, USSEC


Diversified aquafeed formulation

Prof./Dr. Shouqi Xie, Institute of Hydrobiology, CAS; Chief scientist of National Key R&D Program of China


Processing nutrition: the effect of physical properties of extruded feed on the feeding, digestion and growth of fish

Prof./Dr. Min Xue, Feed Processing and Quality Control Lab, Institute of Feed Research, CAAS




The Carbon neutral background of tiered warehouse facility management system at feed milling application.

Mr. Lei Hou, Executive president, Blue Ocean (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Limited


New digital solutions in feed processing industry

Dr. Hui Zhou, assistant director of Famsun Central R&D


The Carbon neutral road for animal feed enterprises

Dr. Song Zhang, Guangdong Nutriera Group


The sustainability map of aquaculture

Prof./Dr. Sadasivam J. Kaushik

(INRA, France)


Coffee and tea break

Exclusively sponsored by U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC)

15:40-16:30 Feed production technology innovation forum "feed industry carbon neutral road - how to achieve a win-win situation with cost and low carbon"


Integrated petfood extrusion processing strategies, a digital case in British

Mr. Bas Versluis,

(Head of Sales, KSE Group, Netherland)


Tunicate meal– Effects on the extrusion process, physical pellet quality and microstructure

Prof./Dr. Tor. Samuelsen,

 (Norwegian Institute of Food, Fishery and Aquaculture, Nofima, Norway)


Effect of steam on feed quality during feed processing

Spirax Sarco Engineering (China) Ltd.


Gala Dinner (Beijing Enhalor Biotech Co., Ltd.)

14th October, 2022

Special topic of quality and safety control in feed production process Chairperson


Physio-chemical properties of feedstuffs on pellets quality control

Dr. Jie Yang, Feed Processing and Quality Control Lab, Institute of Feed Research, CAAS


On-line detection and process control technology service for carbon neutrality

Kunming Yingzhihua Technology Co., Ltd.


Sodium humate gel as functional additive improves pellet physio-quality

Shandong Asia-Pacific Organisms Science and Technoogy Co., Ltd.


Measures of processing quality and safety by technology and equipment

Jiangsu Kerunde Intelligent Equipment Group Co., Ltd.


Processing technology and development of shrimp and fish larvae feed

Beijing Modern Yanggong Machinery S&T Development Co. , Ltd. 


Coffee and tea break

Special topic of feed product quality and safety control and multi omics analysis Chairperson


Screening technology and application of illegal additives in feed stuffs and products

 Dr. Xu Gu, Feed Processing and Quality Control Lab, Institute of Feed Research, CAAS


Detection technology and quality control of feed oil

Shangdong Longchang Animal Health Product Co.,Ltd.


SCIEX multiple-omics in precise animal nutrition

AB Sciex Pte. Ltd



Waters China Limited


The achievement exhibition of the National Key Research and Development Program of China, China (2019YFD0900200 and 2018YFD0900400)

HOSTProf./Dr. Shouqi Xie, Prof. Gen He

Sponsor enterpriseTongwei Co., Ltd.


Topic 1: The concept of "developing food resources in all directions and multiple ways" promotes the breakthrough of feed protein resources.


Topic 2: Nutrition intervention of aquatic animal health.


Coffee and tea break


Topic 3: Feed product design under novel aquaculture system.


Topic 4: The road of high quality and good marketing of aquatic products.

Closing ceremony


Conference registration and fees

The seminar fee is RMB 2000. The conference fee includes conference materials fee, lecture fee and meal fee, but the accommodation fee shall be borne by yourself.

Special reminder:

Please remit the registration fee to the designated conference undertaking company of the current processing conference. The account information is as follows:

Company name: Beijing Enhalor Biotech Co., Ltd.

Tax No.: 91110112802027950h

Bank of deposit: friendship branch of Bank of Beijing

Account No.: 0109100960120105005094

Address: 2nd floor, Kehai Fulin building, No. 12, Zhongguancun South Street, Haidian District, Beijing

For the representative who remits money through the bank, please mark "name + seminar" on the remittance slip. After remittance, please send the invoice header, invoice details and taxpayer identification number to the mailbox of the conference affairs group.

Relevant requirements

Secretary group: Mr. Wu, Mr. Zhang and Mr. Niu

Tel / Fax: +8613681556221, +8613691356810, +8613901065524

E-mail of conference affairs group: feedprocessing@caas.cn

Special note:

The Organizing Committee of the conference will continue to solicit partners from all over the country. Your company can appear in our list of partners in the form of conference co-organizer or sponsor, and enjoy corresponding rights. Please contact the secretary group for specific publicity and reward methods.

Note: Participants reserve hotel rooms by yourself. There is a limit on the number of rooms. Please hurry up to make reservations.


Recommended hotels for the meeting

Hotel Name: Nanjing International Youth Conference Hotel

Room type and agreement price: single room / standard room RMB 550

Reservation contact and Tel.: Peixian Hu 17702088463

Note: the accommodation and meeting place of the conference are two adjacent buildings

Registration address: No. 9, Jinsha West Street, Jianye District, Nanjing

Accommodation address: No. 8, Yecheng Road, Jianye District, Nanjing

Registration QR code:


Arrival route

Route 1: Nanjing South Railway Station - Nanjing International Youth Conference Hotel (about 12km, about 20min)

Take Nanjing Metro Line 1 to Yuantong station of Nanjing Metro Line 10 at Nanjing South Station, walk 1200 meters to the hotel or take a taxi to No. 9 Jinsha Jiangxi street of the hotel, which takes 3 minutes. Take a taxi from Nanjing South Railway Station to the hotel for 20 minutes.

Route 2: take a taxi from Lukou Airport to the hotel. The address is No. 9, Jinsha West Street. The whole journey is about 38 kilometers and takes about 40 minutes.


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