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New Situation, New Products, New Customers | Gathering in Lincheng to Conspire for a New Future


Mr. Ren Zelin, Chairman of Enhalor Company, Mr. Xu Yuan, Mr. Wang Maorong, vice presidents, general managers of all business units, managers of relevant departments, and colleagues of marketing technology system participated in the half-year summary meeting.


Chairman of the board Dr. Ren Zelin "Enhalor 2023 half-year summary" report

In the first half of the year, the company's fermentation products increased by 11%, while the company further increased investment in research and development, the institute introduced several research and development personnel, and multi-department linkage to improve a series of test reports to boost sales.

Dr. Ren pointed out that under the sudden change of the situation, all marketing system should do their best to transform the products and further enhance the marketing level of yeast and peptide products with the spirit of breaking the wrist. Finally, Dr. Ren encouraged all marketing system staff to make a breakthrough in 2023 and usher in the dawn of 2024.



The conference invited Mr. Wang Xiangqian, executive president of Beijing Feed Industry Association, to make a wonderful and practical sharing of the company's publicity. Mr. Wang elaborated his own unique views on the company's current publicity, so that we clearly defined the next step in the direction of publicity efforts.


Mr. Wang Xiangqian, Executive President of Beijing Feed Industry Association


This conference invited Ms. Fan Lihui, consultant, to make a report on "New Customer Development". Ms. Fan interactively shared around the challenges faced by additives business personnel, additives business personnel experience, new opportunities excavation as well as personal capabilities shaping, and the report was in-depth, practical, and inspirational, which benefited everyone a lot.


Ms. Fan Li Fui, Consultant


Reports by technical experts

Dr. Wang Hong, the technical director of the company, and Dr. Zhou Wenhao, the chief expert of aquatic products, respectively, demonstrated the progress of new product (Surfactin) in livestock, poultry, and aquatic products to all marketing personnel in detail, which showed remarkable test results, and further increased marketing team confidence.


Dr. Wang Hong, Technical Director


Dr. Zhou Wenhao, Chief Aquatic Specialist

Development of microecology in Enhalor

2000 was born in the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

2008 Set up microecological laboratory and fermentation production line

2010 Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences - Yeast culture project cooperation

2015 Beijing Enhalor Biotechnology Research Institute was established

2019 Ocean University of China - Yeast peptide project cooperation

2021 Tsinghua University - Surfactin project cooperation.


Marketing elite wonderful sharing


Zhou Wenjie of the International Division made a wonderful speech "Hot July, leading millions", the report was inspiring, igniting everyone's passion for selling 4C and other series of yeast cultures.


Zhou Wenjie, International Business Division


Marketing Department promotion director Li Haiyi brought "focusing on the market to effectively reduce customer cost" report, carried out a more detailed analysis of the current feed situation in the Guangdong market, and comprehensively summarized the experience of the first half of the regional promotion meeting.


Mr. Li Haiyi, Marketing Department promotion director

Group photo of the business division summary planning meeting

Company's each business divisions started a comprehensive and profound inventory and analysis of its own work in the first half of the year. The head of the division made detailed comments on the work of the marketing manager, gave detailed guidance on the focus of our future work, and conducted targeted training and interaction according to the situation of the division.


After the meeting, the company's entire marketing system opened a happy Guizhou group building activities


Through this meeting, all colleagues on the marketing front will unite, go all out, and set sail on the road to achieve rapid product transformation and improve customer selection and development.


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