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[International Forum] | Enhalor contributed to the complete success of the 2023 Sino-German Cattle & Swine Symposium

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The Sino-German Cattle & Swine Symposium was held in Beijing on November 25, 2023, the most international livestock forum of the year, focusing on the green and circular development of the swine and cattle industries, with the aim of promoting cooperation and development in modern production management and innovative technologies in the livestock industry between China and Germany.

The forum brought together German livestock enterprises from the whole industry chain, such as genetic breeding, herd management, breeding and processing, as well as Chinese swine industry, cattle industry, livestock and poultry waste treatment equipment manufacturers, and EU agricultural experts to jointly explore solutions to improve the production capacity and resource efficiency of livestock breeding and breeding industry chain, and promote Sino-German agricultural cooperation.


Dr. Wang Fen, Vice President of Enhalor Institute

This conference invited Dr. Wang Fen of Enhalor to report on Yeast culture, Boosting Efficiency and cost saving in Ruminant farming. As the Associate Director of the Enhalor Institute, Dr. Wang Fen has extensive expertise and experience in the field of ruminants, and her report delved into the application of yeast culture in the cattle industry, including how to improve reproductive performance, promote growth, and improve health. In addition, Dr. Wang Fen also shared practical advice on how to optimize breeding management and improve environmental hygiene to help farmers achieve cost savings and efficiency.

For professionals and companies interested in livestock development, Dr. Wang Fen's report provided practical advice and guidance to help them better manage and improve the economic and resource efficiency of cattle farming.


Summary: Aquaculture management is a systematic engineering, the key is to increase efficiency and reduce cost.

Yeast culture helps to save money and increase efficiency in ranch operations in the following ways:

1) Nourish digestive tract microorganisms, improve the abundance of dominant flora, and improve floristic diversity

2) Increase dietary digestibility and improve digestive tract health

3) Improve metabolism, balance body immunity, and ensure the health of animal functions

4) Reduce the input-output ratio


Industry leaders visit the Enhalor booth to guide our work



Innovative products from Enhalor

Bioyeastar®4C is an upgraded product of Bioyeastar with higher metabolite concentrations, lower additive amounts, and more economical use, which can improve feed palatability, regulate intestinal flora balance, and promote nutrient digestion.

Halor Tid® is a yeast peptide developed by Enhalor's research and development team based on the yeast fermentation platform. It has the effect of enhancing animal immune function, improving intestinal health, inhibiting pathogenic bacteria, especially effective against pathogenic E. coli,  is one of the effective alternatives to antimicrobial resistance.

Surfa Tid® is a microecological preparation of surfactin, developed by Enhalor Biotechnology Institute in cooperation with Tsinghua University, with independent intellectual property rights, which can improve the body's immunity and promote better animal health.


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